2012 – The way of the Magician

The Way of the Magician

The teaching that Merlin gives to his young pupil, Arthur.
This work is the fruit of reading the  book “The Way of the Wizard” by Deepak Chopra.
Each magic lesson offers a theme that I have lived through, then materialized it into a painting.
It is the beginning of a journey of discovery for me, as much as an artistic journey – the more Arthur understands from Merlin, the more the picture breathes – for me, the two are linked.
In playing this game, I have gone through an enriching experience which has lead me to exceed my expectations (until the monochrome comes to life)!
Through this pictorial analysis, it seems to me that the seeds have been sown : perhaps these are the necessary ingredients for the alchemy of life (and that of my paintings) !
Lead transformed into gold itself …………………………