2011 – Hélios and Séléné


Helios and Selene


Materializing one’s thoughts, on a pictoral level, is to express energy and the imprint it leaves in the body.
These imprints are directions, colours, impressions and accents. An emotion can manifest as sharpness, stinging, caressing, soothing.
It can leave question marks.
It acts on our senses.
The artist attempts to make his impression while living it as he paints.


(from the Greek, the sun)
Expresses the manifestation of this emotion.
Principal masculine, he incarnates action, graphism, creation by gestures, the stroke, the line, strength
Implication: the idea of man,air, fire.
He is dependent on the support from which he was born and that feeds him.


(from the Greek, the moon)
Revealing an idea of receptivity. The feminine principle predominates.
It acts like a mould.
Mother Nature in which may appear an infinite variety of creations.
Selene is a void and gives birth.
She takes her time.
She is profound, constructive.
Elements water, earth……….Very gently, a technique of “glacis” (layers of paint), many journeys.